4 Things Every Teacher Should Know About BookAround

BookAround is a digital community where students of all abilities develop literacy and communication skills in a safe, fun, and accessible environment.

Here are some essential things that every teacher should know about BookAround.

1. BookAround Boosts Student Motivation

Students are growing up in a digital world where YouTube stars are idolized. Video creation is only integrated into some elementary schools when it really should be present in all. Put students on BookAround and teachers will see their joy as they record video book recommendations. Students become hooked on producing and sharing videos and will be more motivated to read.

2. BookAround Supports Communication and Digital Citizenship Skills

Students who record videos on BookAround will be practicing communication skills. In order to make a video book recommendation, students must concisely plan out what to say, record the video of them saying it, and review their video to determine whether they would like to redo it. This cycle of planning, executing, and review will help students become comfortable with the process of academic communication in schools. Additionally, the social nature of BookAround makes it a perfect place to for students to practice being positive digital citizens.

3. BookAround Helps Build an Engaged Community of Readers

One of the greatest factors in what books students choose to read is what their peers read and recommend. The social nature of reading is a powerful community-building factor and BookAround harnesses this in order to help teachers build engaged communities of readers in classrooms. When students share with other students, they become a positive social network and value each other’s opinions more. These positive, academic interactions can boost the sense of community in a classroom.

4. BookAround Enables Teachers to Assess Reading Comprehension

With BookAround, teachers can see what students are reading and if they are comprehending the texts they read. Good teachers will encourage students to include supporting facts along with statements they make about the books they are reviewing. This will enable teachers to further gauge their reading comprehension. BookAround, when used throughout an entire academic school year, can create a video progress log of student reading. Students, parents and teachers alike can look back to compare earlier videos with current ones to see the progress the student has made.