7 Ways Reading Benefits Young Children

It’s a busy day, filled with work, chores, cooking, cleaning, and carting the kids around. But households that still make time for reading to their children, even as young as newborns, are laying the foundation for academic and social success that will benefit long into adulthood. Studies have shown that children who are read to daily are academically a full year ahead of those who are read to less frequently. Who wouldn’t want that for their kid?

Here are 7 benefits that you children will gain if you read to them daily.

  1. They learn to understand that print represents spoken word.

  2. They learn how to hold a book, turn the page, and start from left to right.

  3. They develop oral language skills. Young children who have the ability to find the words they want to use in conversation are more likely to have a strong self-image, sense of confidence, and higher academic standing.

  4. They learn about the world. Books can open children’s minds up to unfamiliar places, animals, and events.

  5. They have richer interactions with you. Reading together is proven to create more discussion between parents and children.

  6. They have increased exposure to vocabulary.

  7. Reading will increase a child’s attention span.

Reading daily to young children grows their relationship with books. They begin to learn to understand that print represents spoken word, they learn how to hold a book, and they expand their vocabulary as well as develop oral language skills.

After reading, try continuing the conversation by making a video book recommendation on BookAround and sharing it with your child’s friends. It will further empower your child to voice their own opinions and think deeply about literature. Try it today!